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It's no secret that Panama is a popular destination for people worldwide looking for a 2nd home because of its beautiful beaches, tropical weather, friendly people, and low cost of living.  If you're concerned about working with an immigration lawyer, the truth is that the low cost of living in Panama makes it a much more affordable option to work with local lawyers than in many other countries.

Living abroad is not a simple task. We understand it is a big decision for you, your business, and your family.  That is why having a truly trained advisor and knowing the steps necessary for proper relocation and immigration to a new country is paramount for success in your transfer plan.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider us:

  • Immigration laws and procedures can be complex and confusing in Panama. An experienced local immigration lawyer can ensure you follow all the steps to obtain the correct visa or residency status in our country. We count with more than 15 years of experience in Immigration. 
  • We will guide you on the documents you must prepare in your country "before" traveling to Panama. In addition, in our first meeting, you will complete all the necessary documents in our offices, guaranteeing a correct immigration application. Remeber, the documents in Panama must be fill out in "Spanish".

If you are considering relocating to Panama, we guarantee professional legal expertise and full legal support during your immigration application.

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Before Departure  

Before your trip to Panama, you should prepare some minimal documents, such as Non-Background Records, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates for kids, and a copy of your National ID.

All documents must be APOSTILLED (Hague Convention) or LEGALIZED in the nearest Panama Consulate in your home country. Don't hesitate to contact us for detailed documents needed to apply.

After Arrival 

Besides an initial meeting with us, the additional steps are done before the National Immigration Service in Panama City when any residency options are ready. Our law firm will always assist you.


"Parents," "Kids," and "Spouses" may be included within your residency or visa application in Panama, regardless of their nationalities and origins, getting the same benefits as the principal applicant.

But it is essential to know that, besides, minor dependents need only a legalized "Birth Certificate, Apostilled," adult sons can only apply until they are 25 years old. However, in addition to their Birth Certificate, they will need a "Background Certificate" and must be enrolled at any local university after the application because of their legal age.


pensionado visa

If you are retired or pensioned from any Public or Governmental Office in your country, and you receive a monthly payment of 1,000 $ (minimum), you and your family qualify for a "LIFETIME RESIDENCY IN PANAMA."

Additionally, any Retiree in Panama (local or foreign) receives special discounts and tax benefits because of this immigration status. There is no minimum age to apply under this Program.

Friendly nations visa

Panama has a unique program where specific countries can obtain a residency. You have the investment system by buying a property (for 200,000 $), but you can also apply for the "self-employment" option (less expensive).

To apply for this option through your nationality, besides the "apostilled documents" needed,  you must file a " Panama Company"  (documentation only) and finally submit your application.



Obtaining lifetime residency through Panama's Qualified Investment Immigration Program is an increasingly popular option for international investors.  This program requires an investment of 300,000 $ by buying a Real Estate in Panama to obtain a lifetime residency.  

Time frame  . Obtaining permanent residency in Panama with this program takes only 30 days once all required documentation has been correctly submitted to the Panamanian Immigration Service.

Documents . Panama only requires the purchase of the property registered in the Public Registry as "proof of investment," plus the essential applicant's and family documentation, such as backgrounds, passports, birth certificates, and similars, to receive the proper approval.


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