PANAMA Friendly Nations 

Panama Friendly Nations


An initial two-year residency is granted for the "purchase of a property in Panama with a price of 200,000 USD$". We advise you to complete the following steps:

  1. First, open a personal bank account in Panama to transfer the funds for the purchase of such property in Panama; and
  2. Second, acquire and register the property under your name at the Panamanian Public Registry.
  3. Prepare and legalize all documents to be use in your residency application in Panama. 
  4. Finally, visit Panama and apply to the Immigration Department with your attorney.

RESIDENCY BY a business

(self employment)

By applying the immigration act itself, it is also possible to obtain residency with the "formation of a company in Panama" and a "commercial license," inviting you to self-employment. The immigrant can obtain this residence with the submission of the following:

  • Formation of a Panama company
  • Commercial license of company in Panama
  • Invitation Labor letter from your company in Panama
  • And other regular documents required for the immigration program.


fix account

Suppose the applicant applies for residency by "opening a fixed-term bank account," apart from the necessary bank forms, passport, and a second identity card copy. In that case, it must deposit "200,000 USD$ with the 3-years term" in a local bank.  

The bank will ask you for "evidence of income in your country" throughout a due diligence process, meaning: Disclose an Income Tax Return or Letter of Employment from your country. Once deposited, the migrant can apply to the National Migration Service of Panama.

Panama Friendly Nations

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